Customized Diode Laser Modules & Repair Service

GN Series, 35W-500W High Power CW 1064nm DPSS Laser Modules.The output power is measured with regular 300mm cavity length with flat-flat or concaved-flat resonator. The expected life time is 10,000 hours and the warranty is 13 months from the date of delivery.

GQ Series, mJ Level QCW / Pulsed DPSS Laser Modules,Customized Stack / Planar Array Side/End-Pumping QCW Module.MQ Series, Joule Level QCW / Pulsed DPSS Laser Modules,Typical QCW modules are designed with duty circle≤2%.MQ series are custom products.

Diode laser stack based on Micro channel cooler.Water Quality:Deionized 2-10 µs/cm, mixed bed ion exchanger,particle filter<25µm,cooling system:Do not use any material that combination with copper would form galvantic elements.

High power conductive cooled diode laser stack
Oriental-laser work for diode laser mounting more than 11years. We can prove conductitively diode laser can be package with various structure depending on customer requirement.

HSCW Series, CW Laser Diode Horizontal Stacks,HSQCW Series QCW Laser Diode Horizontal Stacks.Single unit can be mounted with 1, 2 or 3 pcs of laser diode bar. Typical wavelength of the diode bar is 805+/-3nm. However, the wavelength must be specified according to the special pulse width, repetition rate and heat sink designs.

LDD Series, CW Laser Diode Power Supply
LDDQ Series, QCW / pulsed Laser Diode Deivers

Oriental-Laser (Beijing) Co., Ltd is able to provide lasers diodes repair and refurbishment services for various laser heads from different manufacturers all over the world. Our experienced engineers are able to repair different laser heads and provide after-sale services

 Rofin’s Diode Pumped Laser Heads (100D 50D 30D)
● LEE Laser’s Diode Pumped Laser Heads
● FOBA’s Diode Pumped Laser Heads
● Northrop Grumman (Cutting Edge Optronics, CEO Laser)’s laser heads, including RB, RE and other series

Note: Nrothrop Grumman, Cutting Edge Optronics, CEO Laser, Rofin, FOBA, Han’s Laser, Jenoptik, Delas, NEC Almalasers, Soprano, SopranoICE, elaser, elase are trade marks which belong to the companies above.