LDD Series Diode Laser Driver

Diode laser power supply

LDD Series, CW Laser Diode Power Supply

Model No. Max Voltge Max Current For Laser Modules
GN520 24V 22A GN35,GN50-H,GN75-H
GN720 24V 30A GN50-E,GN75-E
GN920 36V 30A GN100, GN120
LDD-40-30 40V 30A GN150
LDD-50-30 50V 30A GN200
LDD-70-25 70V 30A GN300
LDD-100-30 100V 30A GN400,GN500
LDD-140-28 140V 28A For laser cutting head

LDDQ Series, QCW / pulsed Laser Diode Deivers

Model No. Average Output Power Max Current Max Voltage Pulse Width
LDDQ-100 ≤100W ≤200A ≤100V 50μs-1ms
LDDQ-250 ≤250W ≤200A ≤100V 50μs-1ms


High power conductive cooled diode laser stack

Product outline:
Oriental-laser work for diode laser mounting more than 16years. We can prove conductitively diode laser can be package with various structure depending on customer requirement.


Model No. PCQCW/CW-100~300-N
Peak power 100W-10000W
Wavelength 808nm, 915nm, 976nm or upon request
Output power per bar 100W-300W
Number of bars 1~40bars
Bar pitch 0.4mm~6mm
working mode CW/QCW
Package structure Curved, horizontal, vertical,G-stack

* wavelength tolerance is +-3nm.
* heatsink can be customized.

* Pumping
* Material Processing
* Scientific research

1-200KW QCW DPSS Laser Module

GQ Series, mJ Level QCW / Pulsed DPSS Laser Modules

Model No. Nd:YAG(mm) Pumping Power(808nm) Pulse Energy (200us) Current(A) Voltage(V)
GQ9 Φ2-4 900W >30-40mJ 110 18
GQ12 Φ2-4 1200W >40-50mJ 110 24
GQ15 Φ2-4 1500W >60-70mJ 110 30
GQ30 Φ3-5 3KW >120-140mJ 110 60
GQ50 Φ3-5 5KW >200-250mJ 110 100
GQ50B Φ3-5 5KW >200-250mJ 200 50
GQ100B Φ4-8 10KW >400-500mJ 200 100
GQ200B Φ4-8 20KW >800-1000mJ 200 200

Customized Stack / Planar Array Side/End-Pumping QCW Module

Note: The doping level of Nd:YAG can be customized from 0.6% to 1.1%. Pulse energy listed above is measured at 200μs/100Hz at 1064nm. Typical QCW modules are designed with duty circle≤5% and higher duty circle modules must be customized. Small signal gain may be various according to different designs.

MQ Series, Joule Level QCW / Pulsed DPSS Laser Modules

Model No. Nd:YAG Diaeter Pulse Energy Operation Voltage Peak Current
MQ1 5-10mm >1J 250V 200A
MQ2 5-10mm >2J 500V 200A
MQ3 5-10mm >3J 750V 200A
MQ5 5-10mm >5J 1250V 200A
MQ10 5-10mm >10J 2500V 200A

Note: MQ Series are usually driven by a group of QCW Laser Diode Drivers synchronously and the operation voltage is the sum of these voltages. Pulse energy listed above is measured at 200μs/20Hz at 1064nm. Typical QCW modules are designed with duty circle≤2%. MQ series are custom products.

1. Direct industry applications.
2. As laser oscillator or laser seed.
3. As laser amplifiers
4. To get high peak power with Q-switch.
5. Other lab & medical applications.
6. High repetition rate laser rangefinder.
7. High pulse energy military applications.