Horizontal Diode Laser Stack

1. HSCW Series, CW Laser Diode Horizontal Stacks

MODEL NO. HSCW-20-3 HSCW-20-4 HSCW-40-3 HSCW-40-4
Output Power 60W 80W 120W 160W
Typical Current 25A 25A 38A 38A
Operation Voltage <6V <8V <6V <8V

Note: HSCW-20/40-N can be customized. N≤20.

2. HSQCW Series QCW Laser Diode Horizontal Stacks

Model No. HSQCW-100~300-N
Output Power QCW 100W~300W*N
Repetition Rate 0-1000Hz
Pulse Width 50-300μs
Duty Circle ≤10% or ≤20%

Note: HSQCW-100~300-N can be customized. Single unit can be mounted with 1, 2 or 3 pcs of laser diode bar. Typical wavelength of the diode bar is 805+/-3nm. However, the wavelength must be specified according to the special pulse width, repetition rate and heat sink designs.